Make Money With Your WordPress Blog will teach you how to:

  • Take back the reigns of product placements on your blog and earn the money your work merits in the process.
  • Find the best products and services to review
  • Find and implement related affiliate marketing links and creatives
  • Create the perfect monetized review post and make people want to share it
  • Stay legal during the process

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Although I have been in affiliate marketing since 1999, I didn’t start blogging until 2005. But from the moment I did, it became amazing clear to me that blogging was made for affiliate marketing, because product reviews were a natural fit for blogs.
By using affiliate marketing, bloggers don’t need to wait for companies or public relations agencies to approach them to promote a product, and they certainly don’t need the potential earnings to end once the blog post is up.
Unfortunately, the idea of using affiliate links in blogs was frowned on in the early days of blogging. In 2007 I attended my first blogging conference in Las Vegas and my ideas were greeted with dismay and dismissal (and by more than a few sneers)I cry for bloggers who don't monetize their blogby “purist” bloggers that believed blogging was precious and special and only for the written word. They also believed any money made from blogging, should come only from banner advertisements, if at all.
To this day, that still makes me cry a little for them.

This Is Why Affiliate Marketing Is Great For Bloggers

Of course, traditional businesses saw the potential in blogging right away – and in my humble opinion, they have used and abused bloggers in order to support their marketing efforts. Whether PR agencies “hire” bloggers for product promotion and ambassadorships, in-bound links, or as a way to build Facebook and Twitter followings, they are getting absolute bottom dollar pricing on brilliant native advertising and content they don’t even need to create themselves.
Bloggers are constantly telling me that the “requirements” on reviews and sponsored posts are growing as marketers become even more aggressive in their outreach efforts. The idea of bloggers offering up their creative efforts, content development, creative control and access to their readers to these agencies for mere pennies is nutty to me.
Now, I’m not implying that bloggers should stop taking paid posts altogether. That would be silly. I am simply pointing out another source for income — affiliate marketing.
Affiliate marketing links in blog posts provide bloggers with a continual revenue stream opportunity with little, if any restrictions on content or copy at all. Bloggers control the content, the context, and the choices to support the products they love – and earn money steadily in the process.

The Genesis of “Make Money With Your WordPress Blog

Over the last few years, I’ve spoken extensively at conferences about affiliate marketing. Inevitably I find myself being approached by bloggers with additional questions after my presentations and while I love having the opportunity to help, I can’t always be there for every blogger that has questions (alas!).
Make Money With Your WordPress Blog on Amazon in Paperback or Kindle
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It’s for that reason, that I wrote “Making Money Using Your WordPress Blog”. I designed this book specifically for the established blogger that wants to take back the reins of product placement on their blogs and earn the money their work merits in the process.
While I realize that a book can never replace face-to-face discussions, Skype calls, emails or Facebook messages; it is my sincere hope that by collecting my knowledge into this format I can offer bloggers an essential foundation for launching their own affiliate marketing businesses – and reach many folks that haven’t had the time, money, or opportunity to attend a conference to learn this stuff first hand.

Warning Label

One word of caution: this is NOT a get rich quick scheme. I’m not here to teach you how to quickly set up a blog and start earning a boatload of cash, instantly. There is no secret sauce. Affiliate marketing is just like any other business – it takes time and effort for success.
The truth is, integrating affiliate marketing links into your existing posts is a very achievable way of making extra passive income. For many people, it has become their full-time income. However, it does take time AND you have to do it right.
Any blogger can do this, but only a portion of them will. Those Slactivists’ lack of game provides an enormous opportunity for you.
So, if you’re going to spend money on my book, my advice is to finish reading it, follow the plan that I’ve laid out and just keep on trying. Because it does work!
Of course, if hard work isn’t for you, I get that, too. It’s not for everyone. So, rather than wasting your cash on my book, why don’t you just pick up one of these “Amazon Best Sellers” … they’re about the same price.
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